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Fire Damage Testimonials

You can’t go wrong here. Quality workmanship with integrity. Call them when you need them.

Great company to work with during a very stressful time!

The crew technicians absolutely did an amazing job, the first day on site they were moving ahead of schedule and took their time to be very careful with my belongings. 

After my husband finished mowing the grass, he put the lawn mower back in the garage like normal, but after about 20-30 minutes I started to smell smoke. To our horror, after searching the whole interior of the house, we found flames engulfing the riding lawn mower in the garage that my husband had been on only half an hour ago. Thankfully after the fire department put the fire out, SERVPRO was at our side in  moments and ready to perform the work needed to restore our 2-car garage and the family memorabilia we stored inside. SERVPRO made the disaster of our garage into a relief when things were fixed in a matter of days. Needless to say, everyone should check their mowers before storing them in the garage to avoid a situation like ours!

My wife and I hired SERVPRO to take care of the smokey smell in a house we recently bought. There was small amounts smoke damage on a few walls and the smell was impossible for us to get rid of for days until SERVPRO arrived. Their smoke odor removing products killed the odor in the house and they quickly removed the smoke damage on a few walls on the second floor. 

SERVPRO was amazing with all of my collectables and antique items when cleaning up our house after a fire in the bedroom. They even took the time to specially clean a hand made quilt that my wife has had for years. Overall we were VERY impressed with the work they did to restore our collectables.