What our Customers say...


The crew technicians absolutely did an amazing job, the first day on site they were moving ahead of schedule and took their time to be very careful with my belongings. 

We were in a panic when mold was discovered in our kitchen and basement as we have small children, one being an infant. The day we received the lab results, I called SERVPRO. Within 30 minutes, Greg was at my house answering questions and discussing the process for mold removal. His team got started right away and was professional and knowledgeable. When the work finished, we retested our home and learned we are mold free. Greg even worked with us while we were dealing with the insurance company. Great company and owner. I highly recommend!

The Western O'Fallon/Wentzville team did a fantastic job cleaning our ducts. They are a fantastic group to do business with, Thanks to The Team!

Greg and Chris were great when I had to have some work done recently. They showed up quickly, had the initial cleanup done within a couple hours, and were excellent to work with until the job was complete. Very professional, prompt, and dependable!

My wife and I had argued about this smell in the basement that I just couldn't smell a couple months after we had a very minor water incident that I cleaned it myself instead of calling for help because there was minimal water.  After months of arguing, we returned home after a few days out of town and I had finally smelled that odd smell in the basement so I decided to call up a local SERVPRO. Within the day of calling, SERVPRO was on site to determine if there was mold and fixed the small problem we had.

After my husband finished mowing the grass, he put the lawn mower back in the garage like normal, but after about 20-30 minutes I started to smell smoke. To our horror, after searching the whole interior of the house, we found flames engulfing the riding lawn mower in the garage that my husband had been on only half an hour ago. Thankfully after the fire department put the fire out, SERVPRO was at our side in  moments and ready to perform the work needed to restore our 2-car garage and the family memorabilia we stored inside. SERVPRO made the disaster of our garage into a relief when things were fixed in a matter of days. Needless to say, everyone should check their mowers before storing them in the garage to avoid a situation like ours!

We had just moved into our new home and used the washer for the first time to find out the drain hose wasn't connected. It leaked into the finished basement and caused a lot of stress until SERVPRO arrived. They moved equipment in right away to dry up all of the water and talk me through the stressful moment. I'm so glad we called SERVPRO, they were on the scene within half an hour to save our new home.

I walked into the office space I own after a long holiday weekend to find water sitting on the carpets and flowing from one of the office bathroom toilets. SERVPRO not only helped to restore my office back to normal, but also worked hands on with our insurance adjusters to minimize my stress so I could begin to get my business running again despite the small emergency we faced. It turned out the business in the warehouse connected to our office had flooded as well, but it was no big deal to SERVPRO to restore their warehouse space as well as my own business within the business week.

We began using SERVPRO to clean out a few of our apartment units in our  before new tenants move in and it is a decision that has pleased everyone. After SERVPRO leaves a unit in our complex it looks brand new. They have the most professional and skilled crew that we have used, they are always on time and go above and beyond our expectations.

SERVPRO is one of the best companies around! I had them come clean my carpets right before a graduation party for my daughter and all my guests kept asking who cleaned the carpets. The crew was very diligent and quick to make it happen in the short-time frame I gave them!

SERVPRO made the disgusting mess in my basement into a miracle. Our sewage backed up into the basement through the toilet and they restored things I was sure would be ruined. SERVPRO managed to bring our basement floor and furniture back to life. They worked very hard to ensure we were happy with the end results of our belongings and explained their processes to me and my husband.

When our sump pump backed up in the basement while me and my husband were out of town I was unbelievably stressed out and even considered flying home, but SERVPRO eliminated almost all of my worries! The crew and even the owners were in constant contact updating us on our home while we were states away. If it wasn't for SERVPRO, we would've had to fly home on day two of our vacation to handle the mess ourselves. They worked with our insurance agent and things were almost completely back to normal when we returned home 5 days later!

My wife and I hired SERVPRO to take care of the smokey smell in a house we recently bought. There was small amounts smoke damage on a few walls and the smell was impossible for us to get rid of for days until SERVPRO arrived. Their smoke odor removing products killed the odor in the house and they quickly removed the smoke damage on a few walls on the second floor. 

SERVPRO was amazing with all of my collectables and antique items when cleaning up our house after a fire in the bedroom. They even took the time to specially clean a hand made quilt that my wife has had for years. Overall we were VERY impressed with the work they did to restore our collectables.

We had SERVPRO in our restaurant to clean ceiling tiles and they were VERY flexible and understanding when our night staff was later than expected on letting the SERVPRO cleaning crew in after store hours. Despite the lost time due to our own staff, they did an absolutely amazing job on our ceilings and worked with our late closing hours. 

Excellent and friendly staff! They responded very quickly! Great communication and flexibility with my schedule!

Owners (Joanne and Greg) are an exceptional and professional team. Nothing gets in the way of the service they promise, and you can guarantee that they will go above and beyond for your cleaning and restoration needs. We had a oven that (embarrassed to admit) had not been cleaned in a VERY long time. I thought it was ruined. Joanne and her team were able to handle it with no problem. It was no hassle and I immediately recommended them to my mom who had a mold problem in her basement. They were in there immediately and able to make her home good as new. I was so thankful to them to be stress free with his process. Thank you SERVPRO of Western O'fallon and Wentzville!!

Donna says "SERVPRO of Western O'Fallon/Wentzville are her HEROES".

The SERVPRO team arrived within the hour of my phone call to them. There was standing water throughout many rooms. The technicians worked very hard and was attentive to my concerns. Great Job!

I was very impressed with the Technicians, they arrived promptly and explained the process to me in a professional and courteous manner. I am very pleased with the results.

The technicians Greg and Chris took the time to answer my questions and discuss the process to put my home back together. They are very knowledgeable and professional, I highly recommend this company. 

The SERVPRO technicians Greg & Dave were courteous, polite and helpful throughout the duration of the job.