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Types of storms

4/29/2022 (Permalink)

Tornado affecting town a tornado in Joplin, MO back in May 2011

Knowing the types of storms and the potential damage that could come with these storms can help you be prepared for them to happen and what to expect. 

1.) Flooding: Floods occur due to rain and other water rising faster than the drains can handle. Flash floods can leave buildings and roads under several inches of water in a matter of minutes. About 90 percent of all U.S. natural disasters involve flooding. FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) says one inch of floodwater can cause as much as $25,000 in damage to a home.

Ways to prepare for a flood are to pack an emergency kit, move furniture and valuables to a safe place, waterproof your basement, pay attention to flood alerts, and most importantly make sure your homeowner's insurance covers flood damage. If not covered, you could be stuck with the cost of mitigation and repairs. you can also purchase separate flood insurance if you are in a flood-prone area.

2.) Snowstorms: Heavy snow may seem more of an inconvenience than a cause of damage to your home however, heavy build-ups of snow can lead to collapsed roofs or gutters, and blocked drains can cause flooding.

3.) Tornadoes: Tornadoes are extremely dangerous, from the high winds often more than 300 mph, to the debris carried by these high winds. High wind speeds can damage and remove shingles, potentially exposing your roof's sheathing and underlayment. This can leave your home vulnerable to the elements. Missouri is in tornado alley. Tornado Alley is a loosely defined area of the central United States where tornadoes are most frequent.

Stay Safe and Be prepared! 

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Clogged drain Chaos

4/29/2022 (Permalink)

clogged floor drain that caused the sewage back up Clogged floor drain surrounded by raw sewage.

This homeowner woke up to a strange smell in his home, so he went around checking all rooms. He did not find anything until he went to his basement and there it was, the cause of the horrendous smell, a sewage backup from a clogged drain. The homeowner quickly called a plumber and SERVPRO as soon as he discovered the sewage. The plumber unclogged the drain in order to prevent more sewage from coming into the basement. Luckily for this homeowner, his basement was unfinished, so he was able to keep costs down a bit. There were a lot of contents affected so our SERVPRO team cleaned and saved as many non-porous items as possible. The items that were unsalvageable were properly documented and turned into insurance for the homeowner to get reimbursement for. With 10 air movers, 1 large dehumidifier, and 1 air scrubber the structure was IICRC standard dry within 3.06 days.

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Water affects shopping center after hours

4/28/2022 (Permalink)

Pre-mitigation of the entry way to the shopping mall This flooded entryway was caused by a broken pipe.

This shopping mall manager was in a panic upon discovering standing water in four separate shopping center buildings from a busted pipe. He was quick to call SERVPRO of Western O'Fallon/Wentzville and our crew was onsite within 2 hours of the customer's initial contact. 

Upon arrival, our crew began assessing the situation as quickly as possible. The crew chief took pre-mitigation photos of the buildings and drew a sketch of each. The rest of the crew began extracting the standing water, performing the demo needed in order to dry the structure properly, and began to set up drying equipment. 

With the cove base pulled, holes drilled in the baseboards line in order to dry the structure properly, 50 fans, and 3 large dehumidifiers the structure took 3.93 days to dry to the IICRC standard. The crew chief monitored every day the equipment was there.

The property manager was pleased with SERVPRO WOW's response time that he promised to contact us for any other services he may need from us in the future and is going to refer us to others!

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SERVPRO gives back to our local communities!

4/28/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Marketing Manager and local police department SERVPRO Marketing Manager bringing lunch to the local police department as a way to show our appreciation.

SERVPRO of Western O'Fallon/Wentzville likes to give back to our community. We participate in the annual BRR bash which is the LBB's( Little Black Book Women in Business) large-scale collaborative toy collection campaign to benefit Toys for Tots. This event has accounted for 20% of the total number of toys distributed by the US Marines to happy children at Christmas. 

SERVPRO also shows appreciation to local first responders for all the hard work they do in order to keep our communities safe. SERVPRO WOW's marketing manager, Rene Baumgartner, brings lunch to the first responders every quarter in order to show our appreciation. She has also offered and performed free COVID-19 disinfecting of law enforcement vehicles and other buildings.

By choosing your local SERVPRO you are also choosing to give back to your community! 

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The Dangers of a Grease Fire

4/20/2022 (Permalink)

Burned Stove The stove is the result of a grease fire. It is covered in smoke and soot damage.

Statistics reveal that nearly 5,000,000 cooking fires occur annually in the home. Of these fires, grease fires are the most dangerous and are responsible for 1 in every 5 home fire deaths.

It only takes a fraction of a second for the grease on an oven, stove, or fryer to get too hot and erupt into flames. Suddenly, cooking a meal turns into a very dangerous situation.

Most people aren’t prepared to deal with those scary circumstances. Often, their reaction is to try to put grease fires out only to intensify the problem, sometimes leading to catastrophic results.

Here are some ways to prevent a grease fire from happening:

  • When cooking with oil always heat it up slowly.
  • Never leave hot grease unattended.
  • If following a cooking recipe, make sure to closely follow the recommended cooking temperatures.
  • Be prepared in case of a fire. Always have oven mitts, potholders, a lid to cover the fire, and a fire extinguisher.

When reacting to a grease fire, first things first is to remain calm and don't panic. Do not pick up the pan that is on fire as it could be extremely hot and could cause more damage to your home. You should also NEVER put water on a grease fire. This will cause the burning oil to splash and could likely burn your skin and cause a bigger flame. What you should do is cover the pan with a lid. The lack of oxygen will smother the flames. Once the lid is firmly placed on the pan, turn the burner off and wait 25-30 minutes before touching the lid or pan. 

If the fire gets out of hand too quickly, immediately clear the area and call 911.

Until you understand your customers — deeply and genuinely — you cannot truly serve them.

3/30/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Logo SERVPRO of Western O'Fallon/Wentzville Logo and contact information.

Whether it’s a bored demeanor, a dismissive look, or just plain rude behavior, sloppy customer service spells disaster faster than just about any other business transgression.

Customer service is one of SERVPRO WOW's top priorities. We like to make sure the customer is happy and understood from the initial phone call. We will be happy to answer any question you may have at any time you may have it. We take concerns and complaints very seriously and address them right away. Our crew chiefs like to check in with every homeowner every day to ensure that everyone is on the same page. 

Here are some reviews from our previous customers!:

Great service and great companySERVPRO, Greg, and his staff were amazing. I called at 1130 on a Friday night and they were out within 12 hours. They did a great job on the water clean-up and ensuring my basement was dry and cleaned up. They followed up every day and were consistently in contact. They worked seamlessly with my insurance carrier and I had no worries. I was truly impressed with their professionalism and concern about restoring my flooded basement. I would recommend them and will use them again if my sump pump goes out. Incredible Service Start to FinishFrom start to finish SERVPRO has taken care of us, always just a phone call away. Everyone we have worked with has been professional and caring, I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you for keeping customer service alive and making it a priority for your business.


3/21/2022 (Permalink)

Owners, Greg and Joanne Young Owners, Greg and Joanne Young. Joanne is in full PPE ready to assist on a Bio-hazardous remediation job site.

SERVPRO of Western O'Fallon/Wentzville has been in business for 5 years now and has made great relationships with multiple homeowners. We try to emphasize the WOW in our name by going above and beyond for homeowners in need of our services. This includes numerous things, such as ensuring that our whole crew completes and understands our employee certification training so that can answer any question a homeowner may have. We also like to explain to customers the advancement of our equipment. These advancements allow SERVPRO of Western O'Fallon / Wentzville Professionals to restore a property to preloss condition quickly, reliably, and more effectively. Our last and most important fact is that SERVPRO WOW is 24/7 365. Water, Fire, mold, or storm damage are all events that you cannot plan for, So we wanted to make sure we are available to you whenever you may need us.

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Fire in apartment 4113

2/14/2022 (Permalink)

Pre-mitigation of bathroom This is the pre mitigation of the hall bathroom that is heavily affected by soot.

This tenant was thankful that her fire alarms were properly maintained because in the late hours of the night her oxygen tank had started a small fire in her apartment. The fire department was immediately called and SERVPRO was called the morning after to access the damage. The property manager was in need of an estimate and remediation quick. The crew chief on-site was great in getting her an estimate within 24 hrs and as soon as it was approved we began the remediation process. Due to the extent of the fire, the whole apartment had to be fully gutted down to the studs and most of the tenant's contents were unsalvageable. The property manager was also in a time crunch of needing the apartment gutted in order to begin the reconstruction and get in the tenant back in her room. Our crew got in there and fully gutted the apartment in a week and the property manager was happy with SERVPRO work.

Space Heater Safety

12/31/2021 (Permalink)

Types of space heaters Different types of space heaters that can cause fires if not used properly.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says space heaters lead to 25,000 residential fires and cause more than 300 deaths per year.

The leading cause of space heater fires is heating equipment placed too close to things that can burn. Things such as upholstered furniture, clothing, mattresses, curtains, bedding, paper, or flammable liquids. Here are some tips to help avoid the start of a fire from a space heater.

Plug the space heater directly into the wall and not into an extension cord.

Place the space heater in a clear area, not under a desk or near objects. 

Place the unit on a flat surface, not on unstable or uneven surfaces.

Keep clear of pathways. Do not block exits or entryways.

Also, make sure to turn off and unplug the space heater when leaving your home. 

With winter approaching these tips are vital to take into consideration when trying to heat your home.


12/21/2021 (Permalink)

Owners on a jobsite Owners, Greg and Joanne Young finishing up a water loss.

Here at SERVPRO of Western O'Fallon/Wentzville, we like to call ourselves SERVPRO "WOW" not only because it's a fun abbreviation, but also because we really try to focus on the wow factor of making your damage seem "Like it never even happened." 

At our office, we have 3 team members IICRC water certified and 1 other project manager who is both IICRC Water and Fire certified. Not only that but our awesome owners Greg and Joanne Young are also IICRC Fire and Water certified. The Young's are not afraid to get their hands dirty and jump into the uniform and get out in the field if need be. 

We listen to every question or concern you may have so don't be afraid to ramble them off at us. I promise we will be prepared!

Call us today to see how we can help you!