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Repeat customer

7/13/2020 (Permalink)

A Drain back up after large amounts of rain fall caused this sewage back up in the basement of one of our repeat customers home. Sewage back ups along with many other property damage situations can be very stressful and emotionally straining on a homeowner that has worked hard for their property and personal contents. So why do our customers choose our SERVPRO Team to come into their homes? Simply because SERVPRO is equipped with certified technicians that know exactly how to handle your losses and whose main goal at every job site is to ensure that your home and your life style is properly put back to normal. Our SERVPRO team strives to please every customer with a positive, professional, can-do attitude because we know that times like these are stressful and we only want to help with the utmost respect for you, your family and your home.

Water Damage via Sump Pump Failure.

7/13/2020 (Permalink)

Property damage caused by a water loss can happen in many different ways. In this specific case these homeowners had a sump pump failure after large amounts of rain fall. When water floods a home the homeowner wants to make sure it is properly cleaned up and dried out to prevent further damage. Water damage can lead to things including high humidity levels, collapsing ceilings, crumbling drywall, warped flooring, and even mold damage. Customers always want to, when in doubt, call the professionals. Even a call for a quick moisture check can save you hundreds and save your homes structural integrity. The SERVPRO of Western O'Fallon and Wentzville location is always available, 24/7 to assess most of your property damage needs whether it be residential or commercial.

Raw Sewage Nightmare

4/21/2020 (Permalink)

Basement Sewage Backup This photo shows what our crews walked into.

Our amazing crew at SERVPRO of Western O'Fallon/Wentzville is still working to help our community during this difficult time. Recently we received a call from a local resident who is taking care of her mother who is disabled. Her daughter had stopped by and went to retrieve something from the basement which nobody had gone down to for some time. She found 3 inches of standing sewage water and mold all over the walls and contents. When the drain was cleared our heroes didn't hesitate to help cleanup the basement to make it safe for this local resident to stay at home. This was a very laborious job as we had to demo and dispose of all contents in the entire basement. But our fantastic crew considers it a labor of love as they take great pride in helping out in our community.

Cleaning Content

4/16/2020 (Permalink)

Our Crew Cleaning Content with a Q-Tip. Cleaning With A Q-Tip

We are very particular here at SERVPRO of Western O'Fallon /Wentzville when there is fire damage to the contents of a house.  Our crew is very careful about packing it up and bringing it back to the shop.  The crew that is in charge of cleaning the content 1st wipes it repeatably with what is called a dry sponge and then they will also use a q-tip to get into all of the little nooks and crannies.  They take great pride in the work they do.  And we also know that it is way cheaper and easier in the long run to be able to clean and put things back "Like it never even happened."  If you are looking for a team of professionals that are going to treat your belongings with as much care as you yourself would than you do not need to look any further.  SERVPRO of Western O'Fallon/ Wentzville is here for you.

When Storm Water Is Too Much For The Sump Pump

4/11/2020 (Permalink)

this is a sump pump that has filled with water and caused a basement to fill with water Failed Sump Pump

In Missouri we definitely have our share of rain in the spring.  When the spring storms come rolling in you want to be sure to keep an eye on your sump pump.  The extra water is going to make it work overtime.  By checking on it you could save yourself a lot of money and heart ache.  When a sump pump stop doing its job it will fill up with water and quit pumping the water out of the house.  When that happens you end up with a basement full of water.  SERVPRO of Western O'Fallon/Wentzville can be there to help you get it cleaned up but what we would really love is for you to check on your sump pump and keep the water outside where it belongs.  The last thing anyone wants is a basement full of water.

When Water Runs For 4 Days

4/3/2020 (Permalink)

This is a picture of the lower level of the home. Everything is taken out and down to the studs of the walls. Stripped down and drying equipment is on.

We were called by a man who returned to his home after 4 days only to see that his upstairs toilet ran the whole time.  We had to demo the whole whole house out and then start the drying process.  We were able to get in and get rid of anything that was damaged beyond repair and bring things that were able to be cleaned and put back to pre-flood state back to the office for our crew here at the office to get to work on it.  Before long this beautiful house in Insbrook will be "Like it never even happened."

An ERP can save you thousands

4/3/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Crew Chief mopping floors at a local store A Good Reason To Have An ERP Done

As a business owner or a property owner you never really realize how much money being proactive can save you until you are not.  In this picture you are seeing our crew chief cleaning up after the sprinkler head was hit  by a night stock man at a local business.  This particular business had not taken the time to get an ERP and no one seemed to know where the water shut off was.  The water ran way longer than it should have causing thousands more in damage.  

An ERP is short for Emergency Response Program.  We here at SERVPRO of Western O'Fallon/ Wentzville are more than happy to set up a time to come out to your business and put this together for you.  What we do is compile all important information into one spot.  This will be delivered to you in both hard copy and in an app.  This app is something you will be able to share with all of your managers and anyone who would need it.  It will show things like who to call, where your water, electric, alarms etc... shut offs are.  By having this information available it could save so much money and cost you nothing to have.  Call Jamie at 314-608-8119 to get your ERP started today.

We are Cleaning Experts

3/23/2020 (Permalink)

Joanne, one of our owners, in full PPE holding a macromist mister and doing a preventative disinfecting of the office. CDC Certified Preventative disinfecting

SERVPRO is Here to Help during this time of need

During this unprecedented time caused by the global pandemic of coronavirus, this is a reminder to our customers that we are specialists in cleaning services, and we adhere to the highest cleaning and sanitation standards.

Specialized Training

We are prepared to clean and disinfect your home or business, according to protocols set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We have years of experience in dealing with biological contaminants, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff perform on a daily basis.

The CDC encourages cleaning of high-touch surfaces such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, light switches, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, tablets and tables. Other spaces mentioned in the CDC’s guidance for commercial spaces include:

  • Kitchen/Food Areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Schools/Classrooms
  • Offices
  • Retail Spaces
  • Water Fountains
  • Shelving/Racks
  • Sales Counters
  • Carpets and Rugs
  • Stair Handrails
  • Elevator Cars
  • Playground Equipment
  • Fitness Equipment

Specialized Products

The CDC recommends usage of a labeled hospital-grade disinfectant with claims against similar pathogens to the coronavirus. Multiple products in the SERVPRO product line carry the EPA-approved emerging pathogens claims. While there is currently no product tested against this particular strain of the coronavirus, we are following all guidelines as provided by the CDC and local authorities.

Call Today for a Proactive Cleaning

If your home or business needs deep cleaning services, call the experts today – SERVPRO of Western O'Fallon/ Wentzville 636-856-9700

CDC Protocol for Coronavirus clean up and disinfecting

3/16/2020 (Permalink)

2 men looking at each other with the SERVPRO logo in front of them We are here to help

SERVPRO® professionals are trained in adhering to the highest cleaning and sanitation standards.

The CDC recommends usage of a labeled hospital-grade disinfectant with claims against similar type organisms to COVID-19. SERVPROXIDE™, SERVPRO’s proprietary disinfectant, is a hospital-grade disinfectant that has demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to SARS-CoV-2 on hard, non-porous surfaces. In addition, SERVPROXIDE™ currently has dozens of EPA-approved claims including Feline coronavirus, Canine coronavirus, Staphylococcus (MRSA), E. coli, Salmonella, Rotavirus, Swine flu (H1N1) and more.

Porous surfaces that are not water-sensitive, such as carpet and other fabric material, cannot be disinfected but can be sanitized using SERVPROXIDE™.

There is no doubt that this is affecting us all.  Let us help you have this outbreak effect you and your home or business a little less.

The Follow Up Is Worth It

2/13/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO playing in a golf tournament.  Standing and posing with their clubs on a green Do the Networking and ALWAYS do the follow up.

Have you ever seen a quote and think how true it is? I was at the gym the other day. Yes you heard me right I was indeed at the gym. Anyway They have quotes that run across the TVs there. I love them and the nerdy networking geek in me totally always relates everything back to networking. Ok so I love networking and I do not look at it as work but I do know a lot of people who have to do it look at it as work. This particular quote said “The Work Is Worth It” So true at the gym. Also so true in networking. If you want the results, the customers, the new clients in my case the COIs Centers Of Influence, you have to not only go to the events, the lunches, happy hours, coffees you have to work the room, talk to the other net-workers and follow up. You have to do the work. You have to do all of the work. How many times a day do you tell your kiddos “Don't do things 1/2 way”? If your house is like mine you say it a lot. Well practice what you preach. Go to the morning coffee. Listen to what the other net-workers are saying that they need. Tell them what you need. I mean really tell them. Don't go there and say I work at a restoration company I need anyone who has had a fire, any water issues or even mold problems. I need to go there and say “ I work for SERVPRO of Western O'Fallon/Wentzville. Yes we will put your property back "Like it never even happened," and I promise you if you send us a friend who has any issues with Fire, Water, Mold, Air Duct Cleaning, or even bio hazard clean up they will thank you and tell you what a great experience it was working with us. But hopefully you or your friends will not need us. What I need from you however is to let all your insurance friends know about us. We hold Continuing education classes for agents as a way for them to get their needed credits. Also as a way for us to help them become an expert for their clients. So I would love an introduction to Insurance agents”. Make sure you get everyone's card from the event. Or at least as many as you can. Make notes as to what people need and somehow mark the cards so you know where they came from.  Now carry on and go to the lunch, do that 1 to 1, hit the happy hour. Now at the end of the day you get back to your office or you go into the office the next morning do your follow up. Sit down at your computer and send out those emails. Everyone has their own ways of doing this. I will tell you how I go about doing this. How you do it is not as important as doing it. You do it your way. You have to make sure you do it. I type up a basic email. Something like this-It was great seeing you today. I wanted to take a minute to recap some of the things I went over. I talked about Continuing Education classes that we do for our Insurance agents. I would also love a warm introduction to property managers.  If you are renting your home or business space I would love for you to send an email introduction to your property manager.  Something like this.-Hello ______- I want to introduce you to Jamie Gittemeier.  I do some networking with her and she works for SERVPRO of Western O'Fallon/Wentzville.  They can take care of any water fire or mold clean up that you may ever need.  I copied her in on this email in order to introduce the two of you.  after I have the basic email typed up I will continue to copy and past that part of it but then based on who I am sending it to I will start off with what it is that they need.Like- Hey Emily it was so great getting to know you better. I belong to a group called Little Black Book. This morning you mentioned that you really need to get out there and meet as many people as possible that you were just getting out there and would love to be introduced to groups that could help you network and educate you. This group would be an amazing fit for you. Check them out at 1st part of my email would be me helping them out in some way. Maybe I don't have anyone to introduce them to at the time. In that case I would just let them know that I heard them. Hey Emily it was great getting to know you better. I know you said you need to meet someone in the hotel industry. I don't really have anyone that I can introduce you to at this moment but I will for sure keep my ears open. (I really do. I am just saying that as an example to you) But you get the idea.The follow up is just as important as going to the event. Make sure you set aside time to do the follow up. The Work Is Worth It!