Fire Damage Photo Gallery

The Right Equipment

When you are faced with the damage of a fire you not only have the visible ruins but everything smells like smoke.  If you do not use the right equipment that is also working properly you will not get rid of the smell.  A fresh coat of paint and new flooring is kind of like spraying air freshener.  It will mask the smoke smell for a while but not get rid of it.  To get the job done right call SERVPRO of Western O'Fallon / Wentzville.

Smoke Damage

In this picture you will see bad smoke damage on the ceiling of a cabin in the Western O'Fallon / Wentzville area.  SERVPRO was able to remove the smoke damage and the smell.

Keep Fire Threats Minimal

This is an example of not recognizing fire dangers in your home. You can avoid fires like this one by never sleeping with a heating pad turned on, not smoking cigarettes in bed, turning off heated blankets when you're done using them, and checking electrical wires and extension cords often. 

Garage Fire

Fires can occur anywhere on a homeowner's property. In this homeowner's case, this lawnmower caught fire inside of the two-car garage, destroying much of the contents. Luckily the fire was put out before it could cause structural damage to the home. Our technicians worked very hard to restore the homeowner's garage and what contents were salvageable. 

Smoke Damage in Home

The homes attic was filled with smoke due to the neighbors home being on fire. Our technicians had to remove all old insulation from the Attic and install the new. "Like it never happened."

Fire Damage

The home owners put the oven on Self Clean and then left the property. It caused smoke damage to cabinets and contents of Kitchen. This job took about a week to restore back to normal.