Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Sewer Back-Up

This home owner's sewage backed up into the basement, which leaked into the finished living areas and required extensive clean-up and restoration work. Our SERV... READ MORE

Water Damage Jonesburg, MO

This home is located on a two acre farm with a septic system. The system stopped working properly and the home backed up with sewage. The owners do not live on... READ MORE

Sump Pump Failure, Dardeen Praire, MO

This homes Sump Pump stopped working during a heavy rain which cause the basement to back up with water. Unfortunately, the drain in basement was clogged with d... READ MORE

Pipe burst, Leasburg, MO

This home is a weekend getaway for the home owners and is not used much in the winter. It had been a couple of weeks since they had checked on the property. A ... READ MORE

Water Damage, Sump Pump failure Moscow Mills, MO

This home owner was in Florida on vacation when their Sump Pump stopped working. There was very heavy rain on-going for a couple of days. Their Son-in-law disco... READ MORE

Water Damage

The home owners were out of town for a few weeks, they returned to their home to find standing water due to a pipe bursting. Our technicians removed all damaged... READ MORE

Sewer Back up

This homes basement flooded due to a Sewer Back-up. The extent of the water damage was very large and extended through out the basement. There were many items t... READ MORE

Sewer Back-Up

This homes sewer backed up in the downstairs bathroom and in the storage room due to a clog in sewer line, the home owners were there and acted quickly by call... READ MORE

Sewage Backup

The basement flooded due to a clog in the main stack, this resulted in sewage back-up in the basement. The water was class 3 due to the sewage. These home owner... READ MORE